A.P. whose real name is Lesroy Byers, Antiguan by birth is a passionate musician and producer with a keen ear for melody. His name derived from the abbreviation of the very company he holds dear; Audio Predators.

A.P.’s love and appreciation for the discipline started at the tender age of four, he was ecstatic about music and its components, whether it was sitting around the older musicians in church or trying to “interfere”, it was something he always wanted to be a part of.

Growing up in church gave him a spiritual background and also acted as the breeding place for his talent, as church would be one of the first places he ever played an instrument.

Since his introduction to music, throughout the years, A.P. has improved on his skills as well as his overall work ethic which includes much tenacity and dedication to whatever the job is. He has gained inspiration from; J.U.S.T.I.C.E League, !llmind, Swizz Beats, Just Blaze and the Caribbean’s very own; Precision Productions & Flow Masters.

The combination of his love for the discipline and his natural ability to create and critique music has opened opportunities and created connections for him across the globe.

A.P. has had the pleasure of working with the likes of Sherwin Gardner, Nathanael, Joella Deville, Romancia Kingston, Sade Sealey, Blessed Messenger, Naycha Kid and the list goes on.

The general vision for A.P. is to continually grow and thrive in his craft, touching as many lives as possible in the process, by not just being good but ambitiously and confidently great!