Born to Caribbean parents in the London borough of Croydon England, Calvin “Food” Venus inherited a diverse upbringing and perspective although he never understood its value until later years in life. Having been exposed to Christianity from an early age, Calvin ultimately rejected the Gospel, caught up with a shallow understanding of application of the faith, his parents were just strange to him, they were completely unashamed…he just respected their faith as a “good old religion” yet he felt comfortable considering himself a Christian through birth like his Muslim, Sikh and Hindu friends.

At age 16, Calvin was already spinning in a London’s popular nightclubs (which meant he had to lie about his age for work).  His DJ career had him playing alongside top DJs at top clubs before he led to his 1st ultimate goal which was a residency at The Ministry of Sound nightclub.  However,  his hunger to search himself and “go deeper” into music lead him from being a DJ and vinyl junkie to a producer engineer when he had graduated from both South Thames College and University of West London (Thames Valley University) at age 26.  Calvin produced and engineered for a Neo soul jazz band which he met in college, they were already perfecting a sound and performance similar to establishing Amy Winehouse and Adele insomuch that musicians he worked with also worked with them.  “Amy was good, but West London had a bus-load of performers that can match her!”

“I wanted to make music that meant more…no more fast food music, I wanted to make REAL food! So the idea for The FOOD music was there, but i had no idea what it was gonna be yet!”

Later while being a DJ, he was encouraged to meet representatives from Sony BMG by his mentor and lecturer Pip Williams “…but I bottled it, I was building a studio from stolen goods, I downloaded hundreds of cracked softwares and I felt consumed but the zeal to be relevant and recognized”. It was the disease of chasing a dream that was ultimately futile.  “It’s not just the music we wanted, it’s the good stuff you thought music gives you!”

“The Lord literally knocked me off the horse!  Suddenly, meeting SONY BMG had no value for me anymore, being a sort after DJ meant nothing, the pursuit of fame and relevance was the cause for my emptiness.  Jesus was the food I was longing for!”

“But he answered and said, It is. written, Man shall not live by. bread alone, but by every word that. proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” Mat 4:4

Like a lightbulb turning on for the first time, Calvin found the word of God as the only solid foundation that could pull him out of quicksand. His response to the gospel lead him to promptly quit DJing, selling his studio gear and dumping his prized possession…his 6000+ vinyl collection. He discovered CH Spurgeon’s church, The Metropolitan Tabanacle (across the street from The Ministry Of Sound nightclub). Three years later he met his beautiful wife, moved to Houston Texas in 2011 and joined Wilcrest Baptist Church.

“I’m an Afro-Caribbean Brit living in Houston, with a beautiful family, I’m unashamed of the gospel and its power to transform my life and yours.  My identity is with Him that has the power to save!”.

God has graciously provided him with Studio 325 in Memorial Houston where he primarily runs and operates, and access to the top studios in Houston. His passion to provide production services to talented producers, artists and labels on virtually every continent.

“The greatest thing about working for Flow Masters Records, is that I’ve literally come full circle, thanks to my Trinidadian father, Caribbean music is my first love, and now I can fulfill my desire to bring more Carib-Gospel to  edify the church worldwide…and thats a huge honor and responsibility”.