Agozie Philip – Singer, Music Producer and Emerge Gospel participant is a 21 year old artist from Antigua who composes differen  genres of music, depending on his emotions.
His passion for music lead him to create his own bedroom studio where he produces all his music. Agozie has performed at various shows including Emerge Gospel Concert, Plug in and Sherwin Gardner ‘ s  Fixer Tour. He is also a keyboardist who has played for his schools and the  Mt. Zion Baptist Church.
Agozie wants his listeners to understand his emotions and relate to  his experiences.  He wants them  to know that God is the only source of peace.
Like many young people, Agozie  once had a life that he was not happy with and made it his effort to find himself. He did this through music with the help of God.  For Christmas 2012, Agozie‘s parents purchased him  a Macbook which contained his first music production software – GarageBand. He made his first beat the same day he got the laptop and shared it with his friends. Many were amazed at this instrumental; not only because the music was appealing to the ears,   but because it was the first instrumental he had ever made. After doing so he continued to make song after song. He then upgraded to an official Music Production Software known as Logic Pro which further enhanced his productions.
One day, Agozie sat down for hours listening to his music. It was clear to him that he had a natural talent. After much practice,   he has finally found his style of music. He describes  it as, an easy feeling in his voice when singing about  life, our surroundings and God.
Agozie is definitely not a jumpy performer;  but when he sings the crowd is focused and his words become spiritual projectiles for the glory of God. Agozie is all about the message being heard.
In 2015, Agozie released his first single , “All To You “which earned him “Male Vocalist of the Year” and “Best New Psalmist” at the Antigua and Barbuda 2016 Gospel Awards. It has now earned him three nominations for the 2017 Caribbean Gospel Music  Marlin Awards. These are: Pop Recording of the Year,  Praise & Worship Recording of the Year and Song of the Year.
 Agozie‘s journey has only just begun. He hopes one day to take the message to millions of people.